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Dharma Games is the place to find Buddhist games! Learn important Buddhist principles while playing these specially designed web games. They have no violence and lots of Buddha Dharma! These games present Buddhist teachings! A fun way to learn Buddhism! Play these online Buddhist computer games. Bad Deeds - Move about the maze collecting lotus flowers. But watch out for the little monsters of bad actions. Mara's Garden - Use your wits to escape Mara's demons as you deliver Buddhist flags for a pagoda festival. Dharma Dancer - Put on your dancing shoes and move to the beat of some great Buddhist hymns! Your Six Senses - Based on the popular game of billiards, this game challenges your skills to find the Six Sense Doors. Wheel of Life Pinball - Play the world's first Buddhist pinball machine and discover the ever spinning Wheel of Life. Words of Wisdom from the Dhammapada - Search for Buddha's words of wisdom from the Dhammapada. Has a fully interactive e-Dhammapada. Feed The Turtles - Feed the hungry turtles of Blue Lagoon. These turtles bring an important message from the Buddha. Roots of Evil - A challenging puzzle that reminds us of the Three Roots of Evil. Realms of Existence - Pass some spare time matching the Realms-of-Existence cards and remember samsara's wheel. It's Meditation Time - Put on your thinking cap to solve this puzzle and get all the novice monks to meditate. In the Footsteps of Buddha - Learn the unique history and significance of each Buddhist holy pilgrimage site by completing these colorful jigzaw puzzles. Save The Swan - Devadatta's hunting the swan again! Give Siddhattha a hand and save the poor bird. Test your general knowledge of Buddhism. Quizes cover a range of topics. Create beautiful patterns while reinforcing your Abhidhamma knowledge. DharmaMedia brings you dharma learning and inspiration via the internet through audio-video dharma recordings.

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